Design Team



The landscape design has been created by Randle Siddeley#, an internationally acclaimed London-based firm of landscape architects. They are renowned for their classic yet contemporary garden designs which have been created all over the world, some of which can be seen at Wembley Park, the Langham Hotel and the well-known Kensington Roof Gardens in London.

More Associates
  • Upper Phillimore Gardens, London
    Upper Phillimore Gardens, London
  • Qing Pu, China
    Qing Pu, China

The photographs are not taken from or in the Development or its vicinity.

# The building design is subject to the approval of the relevant government authorities. The vendor also reserves the right to alter the building plans and other plans (including without limitation the area, location and layout, etc. of the landscaping) and the design of the Development and any part thereof from time to time. The vendor reserves the rights to make modifications and changes to the facilities in the clubhouse and other recreational facilities as well as the layout, design, use, specification and features thereof without prior notice. Clubhouse and other recreational facilities may not be immediately available for use upon the delivery of vacant possession of the units and relevant services may be subject to charges.